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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Plame Gossip - Partial confirmation on the Rove story

This is from Wayne Madsen, so we're definitely not talking NYTimes, but it does confirm some elements of the Leopold story, as well as contradicting others. So, take it for what it is. But for gossipy purposes, I have to put it up. (Note: until about 3 weeks ago I titled all Plame posts "Plame Gossip," and after recent events, I'm going to return to that practice.)
WMR can confirm that the appearance of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales before the Grand Jury at the US Federal Courthouse in Washington was a formality in which the jury informed the Attorney General of their decision to indict Karl Rove. That proceeding lasted for less than 30 minutes and took place shortly after noon. Gonzales's personal security detachment was present in the courthouse during the Grand Jury briefing. ...

According to sources within the Patton and Boggs law firm, Karl Rove was present at the law firm's building on M Street. WMR was told by a credible source that a Patton and Boggs attorney confirmed that Fitzgerald paid a visit to the law firm to inform Rove attorney Robert Luskin and Rove that an indictment would be returned by the Grand Jury against Rove. Contrary to other reports, some of which may have emanated from the Rove camp in order to create diversions and smokescreens, the meetings at Patton and Boggs did not last 15 hours nor was a 24-hour notice of intent to indict delivered to Rove. In the Scooter Libby case last October, after the Grand Jury decided to indict Libby on Friday, October 21 and the Attorney General personally heard the decision the same day at a meeting with the jury, the actual indictment was issued the following Friday, October 28. Several sources have told WMR that an announcement concerning the indictment of Rove will be made on Friday, May 19 generally following the same scenario from October 28, 2005 -- the posting of the indictment on the Special Prosecutor's web site followed by a press conference at Main Justice.

So, according to Madsen, look for an announcement Friday. And how sweet is it that Luskin might get nailed for "massaging" the facts of the Viveca Novak story...
WMR was also told by a credible source that part of the reason for Fitzgerald's visit to Patton and Boggs was to inform Rove attorney Luskin that he has moved into the category of a "subject" of the special prosecutor's investigation as a result of a conversation with Time reporter Viveca Novak, in which Novak told Luskin that Rove was a source for Time's Matt Cooper. The special prosecutor, who has prosecuted one defense attorney in the Hollinger case, is reportedly investigating whether Luskin, as an officer of the court, may have violated laws on obstruction of justice.

So, take it for what it is, Plame Gossip, but fun, eh?

(Talkleft has a good skeptical post looking at the details, questionable terminology, and possible connections to the Leopold story. It's pretty good, I'm not going to try to rewrite it here.)


  • Luskin might get nailed for "massaging" Which suggests: he stepped out from under the confidentialty cloak to expose himself? The old ego will do it evertime...

    By Blogger Cartledge, at 11:09 AM  

  • Well, he actually spoke with Fitzgerald on the record.(I don't remember whether it was interview or grand jury off the top of my head. I think grand jury.)

    Because Luskin was the conduit through which V Novak's heads up to Rove that Cooper was going to talk about him, and that conversation was the mechanism through which Fitzgerald found out about the Rove Hadley email which wasn't turned over in the original discovery.

    I am not an expert on the details of the Luskin/Novak saga because it was always my impression that it was bull, but he was deeply involved in the process and transferred himself from lawyer to witness.

    In my interpretation, that's where his crimial exposure comes from.


    By Blogger mikevotes, at 11:18 AM  

  • I will now bring Dick Cheney to his knees.

    By Blogger Patrick J. Fitzgerald, at 2:46 PM  

  • And he won't be praying!


    By Blogger mikevotes, at 3:05 PM  

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