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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Israel's story strains

Israel released a small bit of rather violent video from early in the boarding to try to justify the deaths, but until they release the whole thing, it will look like they're hiding a massacre.

It doesn't help that the Israelis are holding hundreds from the ships in custody, and not allowing any of them any contact with the outside world. (Another hundred or so were being forcibly deported, but were blocked from the press. When they hit the ground in their respective countries, we should hear a first version of their side of the story.)

A Security Council measure passed calling for an investigation into the incident.

Netanyahu cut short a trip to Canada and canceled a meeting with Obama.

The group that sent the ships was preparing to send more.

This whole thing is about who can control the press and sentiment, and right now the Israelis are losing.

(NYTimes, AP, USAToday, WaPo)

And, a rather interesting piece on Stratfor about the incident, especially the Geopolitical at the bottom.


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