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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Monday, May 31, 2010

On the Israeli raid....

The Israelis stormed a "flotilla" of ships ferrying aid to the Gaza strip. Somehow, in the largely symbolic and diplomatic seizure, shots were fired, and 10 of the folks on the aid ships were killed.

That's tragic enough, but let's look at the wider context.

The Turks had "sponsored" the Gaza aid ships, but it was also the Turks who had offered to host/hold the Iranian nuclear material in the recent Iran/Turkey/Brazil proposal to ease pressure on Iran's nuclear program. The Israelis were very unhappy with the Turkey/Iran nuclear offer which was constructed outside the current pressure and negotiations and would have allowed Iran to continue to enrich and protection from much of the proposed verification measures.

I do not believe that the two things are unconnected.

The Israelis were trying to make a hard line point to the Turks in the ship seizure, and things appear to have spun out of control on the ships.

It's this sort of miscalculation that can start wars.

Later: Turkey has symbolically recalled its Ambassador from Israel. (Although you know the US is acting as go between anyhow.)

Sort of Related: The Hamas leader says the US has been making "informal" (ie, not officially recognized) contact with Hamas.


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