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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Iraqi soldier turns his gun on Americans

Two American soldiers were killed in Iraq yesterday and six more were wounded when an Iraqi soldier on patrol with an American unit turned his gun on the Americans and started firing.

There are two very distinct versions of this story. ABC has one version, the Iraqi version, that a US and Iraqi soldier got into an argument "with the U.S. soldier apparently slapping the Iraqi."

CNN has the US military's version, there was no interaction of any kind, and the soldier walked into the courtyard and just started firing. (The NYTimes tries to balance the two.)

If you ask me, I'm more prone to believe the first version as it would make sense that the US unit would not immediately tell their superiors if one of theirs provoked the incident.

In the end, the details don't matter as much. There are still two more US soldiers dead, and six more wounded, needlessly.

And, Afghanistan continues to get hotter. One American killed, multiple large attacks.


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