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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Steele fail

With all the cries over Michael Steele "wasting money," a number of big GOP donors are skipping the RNC altogether and giving to the Congressional committees, and to individual candidates.

The newest flogging horse for GOP political figures trying to bolster their purity is to encourage donors to skip the RNC and give to local candidates. (Like Tony Perkins here.)

Look. There are differences. You can give a whole lot more money to a party than to the Congressional committees, and money given to candidates frequently tends to be inefficient (donated to candidates I "like" or who have high profile rather than those in need in close races,) and money given to candidates tends to be less mobile (as they're less likely to give it to others, and they will transfer on their political priorities, not on the overall election picture.)

So this whole "avoid the RNC movement" is just idiocy, making their donated dollars less efficient and less effective. They will lose races when, in the last month, that money doesn't find its way to those best winning chance races.

Meanwhile, Obama and the DNC are piling it up....


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