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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pre-existing influence

One of the things that came up way back when as we were discussing Clinton v. Obama was the differing levels of pre-existing influence both camps would have if they were, in fact elected to power.

Because of Bill Clinton's previous presidency and the Clinton's role in the Democratic party for the previous 15 years, Hillary Clinton would have come into office with agents of influence already in place amid Congress, amongst the Bureaucracy, and within the Washington power circuit, all of those people the Clinton's had helped along the way and shepherded into power positions.

The Obama folks came in without that preexisting set of levers and influence, and it has made a difference. They've had to work alot more politics to get things done which makes much of it look alot uglier and more public that if the Clinton's had won and used their preexisting influence to just ram things through.

(Of course, that's why so many power Dems. most visibly in Congress, quietly and not so quietly helped Obama along the way. The Clinton era involved some pretty tough power struggles with Congress, and the leaders weren't too excited about returning to that model and giving up their influence.

On the other hand, the Obama folks also came in without the list of enemies and preordained fights.)

I don't really know where I'm going with this except to recognize the broader politics in which the Obama administration is currently operating and to recall that earlier train of thought. (....and to put stories like this in a little broader "power struggle" context.)


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