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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Steele's job safe through circumstance

They all wanted to fire RNC chairman Michael Steele before the strip club incident, and it has offered even more fodder for the critics, but I'm not so sure they can fire Steele right now because of the election calendar.

Do they really want to tear apart the party structure six months before what looks like a good election for them? On the other hand, if they ask Steele to just sit quietly in his office and try to run the elections out of the NRCC and NSCC, do you really think he can do that?

They've got a real problem going into an election cycle where they could potentially make some real headway.

(Although, I think Steele's time is certainly limited. My guess is that we've seen the Republican ebb and that their November results won't be as strong as they thought before healthcare passed, and that Steele will likely be scapegoat for that.)


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