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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The last (cynical) Bush war

As predicted, the Israelis just wanted to make use of Bush's lame duck.
Israel battered Gaza with new strikes on Saturday, as it was poised to unilaterally halt a 22-day-old war on Hamas that has killed nearly 1,200 Palestinians and left much of the enclave in ruins.

Their cabinet votes today on whether to call a ceasefire. All expectations are that they'll approve. However, they will continue occupation while negotiating with Hamas on the settlement.

(BBC "diary") They will "declare victory," hanging their hat on the political symbol of the US memo of understanding to "interdict" weapons smuggling.

Also: (NYTimes) "The agreement stipulates that the United States would work to interdict weapons with its NATO partners, expanding significantly the responsibility to keep Hamas disarmed."

Just one more cynical war in the Bush presidency. Another thousand "Arabs" killed, and a further US/NATO commitment to support Israel. Goodbye, Mr. Bush.

Later: (AP) Israel declares unilateral ceasefire (right as the Bush White House leaves.)


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