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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Friday, January 29, 2010

Setting up Dem campaign ads

A couple months ago, a group of hardcore GOPers put forth the idea of a conservative "purity test" for all party candidates. The idea was that the RNC would pass a resolution requiring candidates to swear fealty to 8 of 10 "conservative" points in order to receive party endorsement and party funds.

This created some horror in the party structure among those who recognized this might hamstring candidates in the NorthEast and other less conservative areas, so they came up with a compromise that today was passed by the RNC, candidates who want access to party funds would merely have to endorse the party platform.

Now this may deter some of the internal "tea party" purity infighting that was likely, but at the same time, the "endorse the platform" (in its entirety) will also set up these moderates to be skewered by Dems for every crazy thing in the platform, guns, abortion, whatever.


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