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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bailing out of the Tea Party

I've been watching many, many various speakers and sponsors bail out of the first "tea party" convention. The primary reason given is that the convention is (or perhaps with all the pull outs was) a for profit venture.

But, interestingly, as their convention speaker's podia, sponsor boxes, and floor seats look increasingly vacant, one name still hasn't canceled, the keynote speaker, Sarah Palin who reportedly signed a contract to speak for over $100,000.

Will she end up speaking at the discredited forum? Can she back out? It starts in a week.

Later: Palin told her official publicity arm (FoxNews) that she's not backing out. (and she claims she'll be "donating" the speaker's fee although it sounds lie it's going into the lifestyle enhancing SarahPAC.
The speaker's fee will go right back into the cause. I'll be able to donate it to people and to events, those things that I believe in that will help perpetuate the message...


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