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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Picture of the Day

How is her kid supposed to reconcile this in later life?
"If girls realized the consequences of sex, nobody would be having sex," says Bristol, sitting at her parents' lakeside patio table. "Trust me. Nobody."


  • That thump you just heard was my jaw hitting the floor....

    "I sooo hate being a mother! I wish I never had this kids. It, like, worse than having cancer! Trust me.... I'm NEVER having sex again."

    By Blogger -epm, at 1:48 PM  

  • Great quote. Bristol is clearly a troglodyte, and a chip off the old blockhead.

    By Blogger NYC Educator, at 1:52 PM  

  • My head explodes with the polar contradictions! The cynical, bald-faced hypocrisy.... It both trivializes a very serious issue: teen mothers and unwanted pregnancies.

    *umph* Crap. I spit up a little just thinking about these people.

    By Blogger -epm, at 2:00 PM  

  • That;s what I read. That's why it shocked me.

    I would guess that many mothers have moments of regret, especially GED, unmarried teen moms, but thinking it in a moment and expressing it in an interview with People magazine are very different things.

    By Blogger mikevotes, at 3:04 PM  

  • I hope that kid has a good life, but in that family, I can't see how that's any kind of sure thing.

    ...and yet, I imagine the intention was honorable - to make high school kids think twice about sex.

    It's just that you're supposed to either refrain, or plan, from a position of understanding rather than from reaction, disgust, or fear.

    A microcosm of the differences between left and right...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:59 PM  

  • On the other hand, they'll probably always have money around. Not if the kid had been born into the boyfriend's side.

    By Blogger mikevotes, at 9:38 PM  

  • Are you saying that People interviews pay better than oxycontin sales?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:10 AM  

  • Exactly.

    By Blogger mikevotes, at 1:02 PM  

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