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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The NYTimes goes after Cindy McCain.

From an unflattering NYTimes Cindy McCain profile.
Mrs. McCain, 54, describes herself as her husband’s best friend, though for the last two decades they have mostly lived apart, she in Arizona, he in Washington....

Recently, Mrs. McCain has called the separations painful, volunteering that she endured several miscarriages alone. She spent subsequent pregnancies mostly confined to home, Ms. Ross said, sitting in a favorite stuffed chair, watching videos. But she rarely complained. “Her attitude was as a good soldier,” Mr. Gullet said.

As her family grew, her parents moved across the street to help out, even ordering birthday gifts to be given in her husband’s name. . “I’m sure John hasn’t been able to get anything done, so send something Cindy would enjoy,” Marguerite Hensley, Mrs. McCain’s mother, would tell G. Darrell Olson, a local jeweler. “John doesn’t have a lot of money, so find something in the $5,000 area,” she added, according to Mr. Olson. (One year, Mr. McCain chose his own gift for his wife: a ring with her children’s birthstones.)

It really paints her as lonely, sad, frail, and left by her husband to suffer alone. Not exactly the power couple profile.

(No more McCain access for the NYTimes.)

Later: In response, the McCain campaign releases a letter it sent the NYTimes earlier this month as this profile was being built.
You have not tried to find Barack Obama's drug dealer that he wrote about in his book, Dreams of My Father....

And, official McCain statement.


  • Without the media shilling for McCain, he is just Bob Dole. The media had always accepted McCain's assertions unquestioningly and kept a soft focus on the glaring contradictions of the campaign.

    If McCain hadn't launched his war on the media, perhaps the drug dealer from 20+ years ago might have been dug up. Instead he went with the wingnut meme that the MSM is reviled, and essentially demanded propaganda pieces from the media in return for "redemption" in the eyes of the Right.

    The media would have been invaluable in covering up the failure of his stunts. Ironically, if he had not demanded cringing obedience, he probably would have been granted it willingly.

    By Blogger Todd Dugdale, at 10:00 AM  

  • I gotta be honest, because of the timing, this one does strike me as pretty tough on both Cindy and the McCain campaign, even as every word is true.

    I agree that when Steve Schmidt came in, they burned any goodwill they had, but dropping this into the limelight, so close to the election....

    I understand it's all true, but They coulda just as easily done it in August, there's nothing really newer than that in it.

    By Blogger mikevotes, at 10:22 AM  

  • Tough? This guy has quite literally killed hundreds of friends and foes. Decades of suffering on the part of thousands of families, including his own, all slaves to his ambition. No mercy, Mike. Just efficiency.

    By Blogger MarcLord, at 1:47 PM  

  • But who is the real John McCain?
    McCain should answer questions about his past.

    Turn it around from where he wants Obama to be.

    We've already seen that Michelle is fair game in the eyes of the GOP.

    The McCain campaign asked for this by screaming about the media's failure to "explore" Obama. McCain can't have it both ways, and the media is calling him on it.

    He wants a culture war, but his own family life and marriage is sad and a poor example.

    Again, he asked for this. I feel no pity for him after what he has asked the media to do to Obama.

    And he started the media war, as well. This is the fallout. This is the collateral damage. These are the acceptable casualties.

    By Blogger Todd Dugdale, at 2:08 PM  

  • Marc, agreed, but from a neutral press standpoint....


    Todd, I agree, It's not even of the degree of what the McCain campaign is doing, and I completely agree that all of this is relevant as it informs about the man, BUT...

    This isn't the campaign, this is the supposedly neutral press. (And the press hasn't done it to Obama.)

    You can argue that it's a response to the McCain battle with the press and the NYTimes in particular, but they could have responded directly by highlighting all the McCain lies attempting to get the press to go after his opponent.

    Let me be clear, I get that this is somewhat relevant. My issue is with the timing.

    By Blogger mikevotes, at 2:20 PM  

  • .......

    ALSO: I don't want to spend all day arguing about this.

    The relative points of journalistic ethics really aren't all that important to me.


    By Blogger mikevotes, at 2:48 PM  

  • I don't want to spend all day arguing about this.

    Fair enough.

    By Blogger Todd Dugdale, at 5:08 PM  

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