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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Political bits

(Politico) Obama campaign chief David Plouffe is in North Carolina. (They say it's not about Edwards.)

(CNN) McCain may have some complications with the FEC.
(His loan strategy of stepping into, out of, and back into public financing may be a problem.)

(CNN) McCain is trying to fundraise off the NYTimes article.

(Politico) It's bringing Limbaugh and the rest to McCain's defense.

(ThinkProgress) With conditions.

(AP) Obama wins the Democrats Abroad primary.

And, (CNN) In Beaumont,Texas, Bill Clinton said his wife has to win both Ohio and Texas or she loses the nomination. (Was that off the cuff? Are the campaign folks pulling their hair out?)

Later: (Politico) Obama lawyer Bob Bauer is making some explicit threats against the participants in the new pro-Clinton 527.

(ABC/WaPo poll) Another poll showing Obama is closing. Clinton +7 in Ohio, tied in Texas.

(Curious question: In all the states since Super Tuesday, the formula has been a week or two of Obama advertising followed by 3 or four days of campaigning, and in each case he surged.

With the 2 week window for Texas and Ohio, will Obama ceiling, surge and fade, or keep growing?


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