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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Thursday, February 16, 2006

A little Cheney elsewhere.

Looks like Holden is carrying the Cheney torch today. (This is some seriously good blogging.)

First, a really good look at Cheney's claim that he can declassify information, and a bit of the Executive Order.

Second, a frightening look at exactly how the local sheriff's department operates. (Scripps-Howard)
Salinas called Ramiro Medellin Jr., a former sheriff who lives on Armstrong Ranch and works as a ranch hand. Medellin called Salinas back and confirmed the incident was an accident.

It was at this point that Salinas decided to wait until the next morning to send an officer to investigate the incident

"We've known these people (witnesses) for years. They are honest and wouldn't call us, telling us a lie," Salinas said. "I talked to an eyewitness who said it was a definite accident. We knew Mr. Whittington was being cared for."

Third a pretty good indictment of Catherine Armstrong as a "witness."


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