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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The new nuclear policy

The Obama administration intends to lay out a new, more explicit policy on the use of nuclear weapons today.

The geopolitical intent clearly seems to be an effort to create a pressure relative to the non-proliferation treaty. Those outside the NPT (N. Korea, Iran) are being specifically excepted and put under a more intense retaliatory threat while those that are inside the NPT are technically exempt from nuclear strike, intending to create a pressure on those considering weaponization (Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia) to stay inside the NPT.

I'm not sure it works, but I do get it.

(However, I think the domestic political timing could be a little tough. By laying out specific conditions, you are allowing Republicans to find extreme examples of "not keeping America safe" and screaming them from the stump. (I mean, if they were allowed to repeat "death panels" for six months....) Take the 36 pt. Drudge headline this morning, "No nukes: Even in self defense!"

You're asking Democrats to win subtle national security arguments in the middle of a campaign....)


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