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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Thursday, February 11, 2010

WaPo poll

The new WaPo poll headlines with Palin and tea Partiers, but I found this one very interesting. Although the gaps are narrowing, the public still prefers him to Republicans even on supposed Repub "core issues" like budget deficit, economy, and terrorism.

In the far more interesting raw data,

5. Who do you trust to do a better job handling [ITEM] - (Obama) or (the Republicans in Congress)?

2/8/10 - Summary Table*
Obama Reps
a. The economy 47 42
b. Health care reform 46 41
c. The federal budget deficit 45 43
d. The threat of terrorism 47 42
e. Creating jobs 48 41

On Palin
, Palin's Fav/UnFav is 37/55 with strongly fav at 18 and strongly unfav at 38. But more troubling to her, the "qualified" number is actually falling pretty substantially.

24. Regardless of whether or not you'd vote for her, do you think Palin is or is not qualified to serve as president?

Is qualified, Is not qualified
2/8/10 26 71
11/15/09 38 60

71% would be a pretty big "unqualified" number to be running against an incumbent President.

Related: Gallup says Obama would beat an unnamed (generic) Republican 44/42 (with self identified "independents" leaning Republican.)

And, as of right now, Mitt Romney is repositioning as a moderate.

But remember, there's a whole lot of distance before any of this 2012 stuff matters. At this point, it's just chatter.


  • What's with David Broder's column that ends with, "The lady is good." Good at what? Putting that together with David Brooks' prediction that the tea party would be a major factor is causing me serious indigestion, especially when I watched Sarah Palin's speech and can't find a message there other than "him bad; us good."

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:12 AM  

  • Yeah I read a post this morning pointing out Broder's praise of a rebounding Nixon 30 days before he left office, and the Broder claim that Bush was ready for a revival in 2006.

    By Blogger mikevotes, at 11:56 AM  

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