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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dick Armey's mailing list

I've long maintained that Dick Armey's/FreedomWorks' goal wasn't so much about policy as positioning themselves to be the inside the GOP representative for the "tea party" segment of the party. If they can claim that spot, the power and money will roll in as every Republican candidate on the bubble is blackmailed into paying for their consulting and consent.

Here's a little taste of where Armey sits right now, 500,000 committed souls.
And in Washington, FreedomWorks, an advocacy group that helped organize many major tea party protests, is set to announce plans this month to raise millions of dollars through a reorganized PAC targeting its 500,000 registered members,

And, don't buy the "small donor" line. FreedomWorks is an industry front group. No matter what they raise from "small donors," their real play will be leveraging that mailing list.

The FreedomWorks' role in the "tea party" movement has been an almost textbook example of crating and hijacking an active political segment.


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