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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Thursday, December 10, 2009

It should be about who is qualified

The Houston Mayor's race has come down to a runoff between Gene Locke and Annise Parker.

Annise Parker, the former city comptroller is extremely qualified, following in the technocratic footsteps of our current mayor, but she's also a self "outed" lesbian.

It's never been a heavy issue for her before, but the Locke people, in desperation, have been trying to gin up the "Christian" machine in Houston to rally against her.

Correction. It's a direct campaign effort. Two of Gene Locke's "finance officials" gave $40,000 to send out a pretty gross anti-gay mailer.

I'm supporting Parker because she is, by far, the best candidate for the job, but, for the rest of the country, it would be significant if Houston, the most "red" major metropolitan area in the country, elected an open lesbian.

The election is Saturday. If you live in Houston, please vote. You know the bigots are organizing.


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