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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Saturday, November 14, 2009


If you haven't seen this in the NYTimes, read it. It's shameful. 42 Congress people (22 Repub, 20 Dem) in the House healthcare debate submitted parts or all of pre-written "statements" penned and supplied by lobbyists for Genentech.

Now, I don't know how many Congresspeople spoke, but 42 is right at 10% of the total House membership that submitted lobbyist supplied text as their own comments. (...and that's just from one lobbyist. How common has it become that they don't even take steps to hide it?)


  • after the politicians distance themselves from the statements, what do you think the likely fallout will be?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:32 PM  

  • Not much.

    Did you see anyone breathless about this atrocity of representative government besides me?

    By Blogger mikevotes, at 10:18 PM  

  • Quip used as a book title on politics : "Dual Party Tyranny"
    I've given you my files data on another comment : here I'll suggest you look up both 'Plutocracy' and 'Kleptocracy'...with special attention to the 'Narco-Kleptocracy' section. I included Wikipedia targets in my listed links.

    By Blogger opit, at 10:25 AM  

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