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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Political bits - Paranoid right on the rise

(TPM) Right wing tea party favorite and Charlie Crist challenger Marco Rubio has been given the keynote speaker's spot at next year's CPAC, just a couple months before the primary. (Connections, money, powerbase, and Rubio's the belle of the ball.)

(TheNation) Sarah Palin is actually attempting to ban all cell phones and recording devices from her book tour. (Paranoid.)

(Politico) A RedState blogger captures the outrage that the RNC health plan was covering abortion.

(CNN) Kay Bailey Hutchison has decided not to give up her Senate seat in her Texas Gov. primary against right wing crazy Rick Perry. (Her numbers must say she's losing.)

And, (Politico) Tea partiers in Virginia are planning to gather to burn the local Rep. and Nancy Pelosi in efficgy.


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