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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Thursday, October 08, 2009


(AP/BBC) A Taleban car bomb at India's Afghanistan embassy kills 17 and wounds 68. (India's involvement in Afghanistan is a favorite "target" for those tied to Pakistani Islamic nationalism.)

(AP) They can't find Denver-New York terrorist Zazi's bomb. (They don't know if they hid it, never made it, or what, but you would think the cases would be harder without a weapon.)

(BBC) A British organization predicts "peak oil" by 2020.

(Independent) Berlusconi's legal immunity is stripped by the Italian courts.

(Politico) The GOP eats itself over a upstate NY Congressional seat with "conservative leaders" rejecting a moderate NRCC supported candidate and pushing to support a third party guy. (“I was flabbergasted that he (NRCC chair Pete Sessions) could come into a meeting of conservatives and be as defiant as he was." After all, who runs the party, right?)

And, (BBC) The Obamas decorate their part of the White House with abstract modern.


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