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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Friday, May 15, 2009


(AP) Obama administration to restart military tribunals. (Is there a choice after the Bush policies violated so many rights? "Detainee treatment" destroyed our ability to convict in court.)

(WaPo) Rove to be "interviewed" by federal prosecutors today over the US attorney firings. (No executive privilege there.)

(Guardian) Mohamed ElBaradei gives an exit interview to the Guardian. 1) 10 new nuclear nations, mostly in the middle east in the next decade.

2) An interesting argument that many nations will enrich but not build bombs to stay in the NPT, but months from nuclear capacity.

3) " We are worried because we still have 200 cases of illicit trafficking of nuclear material a year reported to us."

(CNN) Arlen Specter's only primary challenger drops out.

And, (Politico) It's funny how Republicans only believe in states' rights when they're not in national power.


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