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Monday, January 05, 2009

Defining the process

I find it interesting that a large part of the Obama stimulus plan is reported to be $310 billion in tax cuts.

There's the big question of whether tax cuts will work as stimulus, but there's also the question of whether they're in there simply to get the House and Senate votes.

Also, we're getting a first look at an Obama legislative rollout. "Leak/define" the legislation on their terms, highlighting what elements they want on the front page. This is quickly followed by a meeting with Congressional leaders, giving opponents no time to redefine the program before it hits public discussion.

Then, (Politico) "Later in the week, probably Thursday, Obama plans to give a speech in the Washington area taking the case for his package directly to the public...."


  • I see a fitful start for any work on the stimulus package, and Obama would be a fool to cave to the Republicans early on. Cornyn is already threatening a filibuster on Franken's seating, and we've seen pressure being applied to the Senate minority to obstruct the package. Congress breaks in early February, so we're likely to see little more than scuffles and shots fired across the metaphorical bow for January.

    It seems already decided that the GOP will balk at anything that does not include the tax cuts McCain wanted. If they succeed, they will use the decline in revenue from the cuts to argue against deficit spending. And we've seen Reid cave far too many times to expect bold leadership on his part.

    By Blogger Todd Dugdale, at 8:56 AM  

  • My state's shame John Cornyn.

    To your second point, I'm negatively awaiting the start of the 2010 campaign which will be a full bore blast on deficit and spending, no matter how the situation arose.

    I think that's the GOP's biggest way back to "their brand." The irony is that while complaining against deficit will help them politically, they'll also need to see the stuff passed for their complaints to have any basis.

    By Blogger mikevotes, at 1:31 PM  

  • By Blogger raybanoutlet001, at 8:28 PM  

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