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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just how lost are the Republicans?

They think electing a black RNC chair will win over black voters.

...because Ken Blackwell carries so much more weight among the African American community than Barack Obama or all the other black elected Dems.....

...because there are tons of black people just waiting for the opportunity, no, the excuse, to vote Republican....

(PS. Where's their Hispanic candidate? That's a group with which they might have a shot at making inroads.)

That is a party that is severely lost.


  • It is almost humorous to watch the GOP in action these days. Just to amplify on your remarks:

    Palin was supposed to be a major draw for women, especially the mythical PUMA voters. Instead, she turned out to be best at drawing (marginal numbers of) men. The GOP now hilariously contends that they would've succeeded with this ploy if it weren't for the "liberal media".

    Now AAs are supposed to vote for the GOP based on the race of the Party Chairman? How many of the public can even name the Chairman of either Party, much less let their vote be influenced by that person? I would guess the percentage is quite low.

    To add to the absurdity, the GOP was the Party feverishly counting on racism to prevent Obama from winning. The Bradley Effect was credited by Republicans with a 2% margin at the early part of the campaign, later to be attributed with a 20% influence. Nobody on the Republican side even thought to make some lame remark about how unfortunate it was that racism was so putatively influential. Hell, they actually cheered it.

    Last, the linked article mentions the touchstone that all the diverse interests in the GOP can agree upon: Reagan.
    Reagan left office twenty years ago. Several million voters were not even born when he left office, and that number is just going to get larger. Invoking the ghost of Reagan at the RNC didn't seem to do much for the Party, either.

    This is a Party that is fixated on the past: WW2, Vietnam, the culture war of the Sixties, the segregated South, and the New Deal. Nobody under forty has any recollection of these things. The only new ideological element that has been added in the past decade is a fanatical hatred of Islam and a rabid fear of gays.

    Perhaps they should be looking at gay Muslim Republicans, by the logic shown in the article.

    By Blogger Todd Dugdale, at 3:55 PM  

  • That's a great comment.

    I forgot about Palin and the "Clinton supporters." Man, was that misguided.

    I think the "loss" of the sixties is really gonna kill them, if this generation of Dems can change the relative branding. The racist and hippie stuff may ebb in effect which will hurt them as its part of their motivating force.

    At that point their main divisiveness will be around religion.

    (Oh, and they might still go after Hispanics "for taking our jobs." Tough economic times breeds such things.)

    By Blogger mikevotes, at 4:08 PM  

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