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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Saturday, May 31, 2008

The negotiation for permanent bases in Iraq

Sadr has seized on the negotiations of a "security deal" between the US and the Maliki government. This is good politics for Sadr as it burnishes him as a nationalist and sets up Maliki as a stooge of the US, but the dissatisfaction with this potential deal is deep and broad within Iraq.

As for the negotiations themselves,
The negotiations are shrouded in secrecy and Iraqi officials said they'd been instructed by American officials not to discuss the details.....

"Now Iraq is under Chapter 7 and it does not have full sovereignty so when it makes negotiations with the United States, the results won't be fair," said Mahmoud Othman, an independent Kurdish lawmaker. "When the Americans tell you that we won't remove you from Chapter 7 unless you make this treaty with us, this is a precondition. Why should we pay the price for what Saddam did. Before making the agreement you see all these people rejecting it."

Or maybe this rumory report,
The US has offered bribes to Iraqi MPs to lure them into endorsing a security deal that critics believe would make Iraq a US colony.

Sources in Iraq's parliament told Press TV on Thursday that Washington has offered three-million dollars in bribe to the lawmakers who sign the "framework accord."

This is so unpopular, even the pro-Maliki, pro-US ISCI is speaking against it. (As is Sistani.)

Right now, the rumor is that the US is going to try and get an agreement with Maliki without putting it up for a vote before the Parliament.

The NYTimes has a decent story as well.


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