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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Sunday, March 02, 2008


(WaPo) The Bush administration is becoming increasingly sidelined in the search for Mideast Peace. "Everyone is sucking up to the Iranians," he added. (Rice is due to hit the mideast this week.)

(BBC) Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has suspended contact with Israel in protest at an assault on Gaza which has killed about 100 people, an aide says.

(AP) Ahmadinejad is in Iraq, shaking hands and expressing friendship.

(AP) A third big suicide bombing in Pakistan in three days. This one targeted "tribal elders pushing for peace" and killed at least 40.

(NYTimes) The United States military is developing a plan to send about 100 American trainers to work with a Pakistani paramilitary force that is the vanguard in the fight against Al Qaeda.


  • 4000 American dead so an Iranian president could come to Baghdad as a friend. Not what George W. had in mind.

    By Anonymous tg, at 11:32 PM  

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