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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Friday, March 09, 2007

Quickhits - Busy Friday

(AP) The tape of Jose Padilla's final interrogation is "missing." (This "top American terrorist" held three years without rights in a Navy brig, and the tape comes up "missing"? Like I believe that.)

(BBC) "Authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo say they have dismantled an international network set up to illegally use uranium mined there." (16 words on Iran?)

(Nat'l Journal) Robert Gates is reportedly "rolling back" Rumsfeld's efforts to create a CIA rival in the Pentagon.

(BBC) Pakistan's top judge, their chief justice, has been suspended by Musharraf for "misuse of authority."

(WSJblog) "By 46%-28%, Americans say trade deals with other countries have harmed U.S.; a 42% plurality of conservatives agrees." .... "77% of Democrats are satisfied with their presidential choices; just 56% of Republicans are content with theirs."


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