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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Chiquita executives may be sought in Columbia

For a decade it has been alleged that multinational corporations have been using the AUC for its own ends. Now, finally, it seems some of the dirty details are starting to come out.

In his extensive comments, Iguaran also said his office has made significant progress in an investigation of Drummond Co. of Birmingham, Ala., which is facing trial in the United States after Colombian workers filed a lawsuit in federal court in Alabama accusing the company of paying paramilitaries to murder three union organizers. The company denies the allegations.....

Iguaran said that among the issues the attorney general's office is investigating in the Chiquita case is the November 2001 unloading of Central American assault rifles and ammunition at the Caribbean dock operated by the firm's Colombian subsidiary, Banadex. The smuggling operation was detailed in a 2003 report by the Organization of American States......

This article has more details. It sounds like the Columbians have quite a file.


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