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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Monday, February 20, 2006

Hagel did it.

There was an article last night that surprised me, somebody very connected in the Senate or White House told a very unflattering story to the WaPo about how the White House was interfering in the Senate's attempts to conduct an investigation on warrantless wiretapping.

At the time, I asked who could have done it, but that's only because I'm a doofus. I had already blogged the answer on the same day, and it wasn't until MadMustard (very funny by the way) pointed out Hagel's presidential ambitions that it all connected.

Let's quickly run through it. The Bush administration gave McCain the key to the party, the Bush's fundraisers list, reported on the 18th by Novak, but it certainly took place earlier. On the 17th, Hagel's local paper prints a scything quote by Hagel about the Cheney shooting that was certain to get national coverage, and then last night, he tells the WaPo everything he knows about the White House's efforts to cover their illegal spying.

Hagel is one pissed off Senator. Keep an on it, as he is the swing vote on the Intel committee, it could get really fun.


  • Personally, I would like to see Senator Hagel make a serious presidential run. It does seem that his opposition to some Bush administration policies will hamper his efforts from within the party, regardless of how they may help him if he reaches the general election.

    By Blogger Charlie, at 11:43 AM  

  • Howdy neighbor!

    Thanks for the nice comments and the link.

    Please enter the race against Culberson, Congressman Mike.

    By Blogger MadMustard, at 1:31 PM  

  • A good way to effect change would be to vote for republican candidates that are distancing themselves from Bush in the primaries.

    By Blogger Lew Scannon, at 5:16 PM  

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