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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Friday, November 04, 2005

Plame gossip is back!!!

Remember that John Dean article that came out last week right before the Libby indictment that said he didn't expect anyone to be indicted? Well, looks like he's changed the tune a bit. And it's a pretty interesting new tune.

Now, however, one indictment has been issued -- naming Vice President Cheney's Chief of Staff Lewis "Scooter" Libby as the defendant, and charging false statements, perjury and obstruction of justice. If the indictment is to be believed, the case against Libby is, indeed, a clear one.

Having read the indictment against Libby, I am inclined to believe more will be issued. In fact, I will be stunned if no one else is indicted.

Indeed, when one studies the indictment, and carefully reads the transcript of the press conference, it appears Libby's saga may be only Act Two in a three-act play. And in my view, the person who should be tossing and turning at night, in anticipation of the last act, is the Vice President of the United States, Richard B. Cheney. ....

And who is most vulnerable under the Espionage Act? Dick Cheney - as I will explain. ....

Aaahhhh. Welcome back Plame gossip. How I've missed ya!!!! There's alot there including a plausible legally interesting reason that Libby perjured himself.

And the NYTimes runs a piece describing Rove as far from out of the woods.

Mr. Fitzgerald no longer seems to be actively examining some of the more incendiary questions involving Mr. Rove. At one point, he explored whether Mr. Rove misrepresented his role in the leak case to President Bush - an issue that led to discussions between Mr. Fitzgerald and James E. Sharp, a lawyer for Mr. Bush, an associate of Mr. Rove said. ....

One lawyer with a client in the case said Mr. Fitzgerald could be skeptical of Mr. Rove's account because the message was not discovered until the fall of 2004. It was at about the same time that Mr. Fitzgerald had begun to compel reporters to cooperate with his inquiry, among them Mr. Cooper. ....

I also saw a Rawstory piece relinking Bolton as the Undersecretary of State in the indictment. Raw story so treat it with big caution.

Unbelievably it's only been a week since the indictment. That's one thing I can say for the Bush presidency. It has never been boring.


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