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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My opinions must matter!

We should all go to great effort to figure out what a few local races might mean for the entire 2010 midterms.....

...because our ignorance about the local candidates, our ignorance about the relative quality of the campaigns, and our ignorance about the local media environment means those things don't really matter in local, lowish turnout elections, right?

It must be some kind of national message, not that Kentucky Republicans are a bit reactionary, or that Specter switched parties, or that Sestak apparently ran a great campaign, or had union support in a low turnout election....

It must be that my pre-conceived narrative made the difference, right?

(PS. It's funny how little relative coverage has been given to the Pa Congressional special election where the Dem won on a "level playing field." Certainly, it was a local, low turnout election like the others, but it's being largely ignored because it contradicts the preferred narrative.)


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