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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Weapons we don't want

It's funny. Republicans seem more than happy to take food from the hungry or put old people into bankruptcy by stripping their healthcare, but in all their screaming about too much spending, have you ever heard any of them complain about an unnecessary weapons program?

The WaPo has an article on an extreme example, a $19 billion battlefield anti-missile system designed to replace the Patriot system that the Army no longer even wants.


  • Weapons and the hardware of war-making. An American tradition of pork and politics.

    By Blogger -epm, at 1:58 PM  

  • I'm just occasionally struck by how willing they are to take money from American people who are struggling and in some cases dying to spend on weapons which are designed to make sure non-Americans die.

    By Blogger mikevotes, at 2:02 PM  

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