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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Monday, January 04, 2010

Al Qaeda 'double agent' carried out Khost bombing?

Treat as strong rumor at this point, but....

NBCNews is running a report that the bomber in the Khost bombing that killed 8 CIA agents was a Jordanian captured asset who was, in fact, an Al Qaeda 'double agent.'

(The Jordanians had captured this guy, and, convinced he'd turned, passed him over to the US as an asset to be used in the hunt for Zawahiri. However, the guy hadn't turned, was still Al Qaeda, and and used his informer cover to gain access for the bombing.)

Also, on a second level, we have this. With NBC's inquiries about a 'double agent' percolating around the Washington intelligence circles yesterday, someone 'sourced' this story to the WaPo to get out in front which frames Jordan's assistance in the most favorable light. Just a bit of press manipulation before 'double agent' hits the mainstream.

So, judge for yourself, but know that someone on the inside is desperately spinning.

Later: The WaPo confirms 'double agent' using the less inflammatory 'informant,' and the NYTimes follows with 'an Agent With Many Loyalties.'


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