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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Political bits

(CNN) Dede Scozzafava takes a shot at Sarah Palin, reminding us all of Palin's own apparent lack of qualifications, ""How can Sarah Palin come out and endorse someone who can't answer some basic questions?"

(TPM) The Christian Right Family Research Council seems to be egging someone to step into an Olympia Snowe primary. (She's "too moderate.")

(Post&Courier) The Charleston, South Carolina Republican county party votes to censure Lindsey Graham. (He's lucky he's not running next year.)

(WaPo) Dan Balz reports on the growing GOP conventional wisdom that Tim Pawlenty may not be ready for primetime. (Somebody's trying to chop Pawlenty down...)

(MinnPolitics) One of the largest GOP phone banks hires lots of convicted felons who handle GOP donor credit card information.

(Politico) David Plouffe reveals that it was Obama campaign oppo research that outed John Edwards' $400 haircut. (A safe disclosure since Edwards is in no position to strike back.)

And, (The Swamp) Sen. Jim DeMint calls for Congressional term limits. (Funny how they only seek term limits when they're out of power... Don't worry. It's dead in the water.)


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