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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Sunday, October 11, 2009


(AP/BBC) Pakistani commandos retake their national military headquarters freeing some 20+ hostages.

(Chronicle) Texas Gov. Rick Perry's office is looking guiltier and guiltier on their very political effort to shut down a commission looking into the execution of a possibly innocent man.

(TimesOnline) A "nuclear engineer" at Europe's CERN lab was arrested on terrorist charges.

(TimesOnline) An interesting article effectively advocating buying the Taleban foot soldiers. (Doubling the current Taleban pay rate to $20 per day per individual "would cost just $300,000 a day, compared with the $165m a day the United States is spending fighting the war.")

And, (AP) As the hype for the 2012 film cranks up, let's remember that the Maya think it's garbage and are really, really sick of talking about it.


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