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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Saturday, May 30, 2009

A good idea?

Related to my question the other day about whether the US still has the major hacking talent, the NYTimes has a piece on defense contractors trying to lock up "talent" as they vie for cyberwarfare defense contracts.

I think this is a necessary step in some ways, but I wonder if the now somewhat discredited private contractor model is really the way to go. I accept that the governmental structure may have problems paying the rates for the really top talent, but, at the same time, recent history has shown us how private contractors can be lax in their vetting and supervision of employees as well as their security practices.

I mean, the Pentagon may be slower, but they have alot more checks than these outside companies.

Plus, You have the issue of the companies (or defecting employees) then going off and selling what they know as private security. So, someone who works IT at xxx regional bank or xxx credit card company or xxx chemical plant will now have some idea how the national security protocols work.

Just thinking out loud.


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