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Monday, March 02, 2009

Euro zone

A kinda interesting NYTimes article on how the economic crisis is stressing the structure of the EU. We're a very long way from any long lasting structural changes, but, because of the scope of the EU as a project, how this is handled could be historic in nature.


  • The idea of unity among all the states in Europe is a good one but a very hard one to implement. The Eurozone is also an amazing idea but if not every country in the EU accepts the Euro it becomes useless. It seems a little odd to me that some countries don't want to accept it when its clearly visible that their currency is a lot weaker than the Euro and will probably fall down against the Euro in the next 3-4 years rapidly. Hungary, Poland and Czech republic are examples of the countries which were too proud to keep their currency and now they're payign the price for it. Slovakia and Slovenia accepted it and now they're "protected" a little against the crisis, very good article though, thanks for posting it.

    Take care, Julie

    By Anonymous Real Estate Agent Toronto, at 12:18 PM  

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