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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Monday, November 17, 2008

Political bits

(AP) Obama and McCain meet, mostly for the photos. (Helps both their images to appear together... and Lindsey Graham didn't piddle on the carpet.))

(AP) Sec Treasury Paulson says he plans to leave the second $350 of the bailout for the Obama presidency. (We'll see.)

(Time) Huckabee goes after Romney and Fred Thompson in his new book, not to mention Pat Robertson, Bob Jones, and Rev Hagee for selling out in their endorsements.

(TheHill) Gingrich is trying to chop down Sarah Palin.

Mike Allen "reports" exasperation in the Obama transition at the inability to get a clean read on Bill Clinton's finances.

(FirstRead) Joe Biden is playing some serious games in an apparent effort to get his son named Senator to replace him.

And, Newsweek's cover compares Obama to Lincoln. Time's cover compares Obama to FDR. (Pretty high expectation setting.)


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