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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Friday, November 14, 2008

One more Clinton bit.....

I find it interesting that the Dem caucus laid out their turf on healthcare, like Kennedy and Baucus, and on seniority/leadership, like Reid, right at about the same time the first Clinton as Sec State rumors apparently began swirling in the backrooms.

Two possibilities. 1) The Obama camp hit on a couple of allies in Kennedy and Reid to show Clinton that she wouldn't get what she wanted if she stayed in the Senate, creating pressure for her to take the job, or, probably more likely, 2) Clinton heard the rumors and started trying to feel out her immediate future in the Senate inciting these reactive turf protections.

Anyway you look at this, her immediate Senate opportunities were significantly closed off to her right around the time the Sec State rumblings started.

It's looking so much more likely now......

(Of course, you still have the Bill Clinton issues, his foundation, economic vetting, and how he uses his connections.)


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