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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Monday, April 23, 2007

Forward Operating Bases are brought into the battle - 9 US soldiers die.

9 US soldiers were killed and 20 wounded in one incident today when a car bomb was set off at a US "patrol base" somewhere in Diyala. (CNN reported that 5 of the soldiers still remain in the combat hospital.)

This is a horrible attack, but brace yourself, because this is just the leading edge of a new tactical confrontation between the insurgents and the US troops.

Make note that this is the second attempt at a direct attack on one of these small forward bases. 9 days ago, there was an attempted assault on a JSS south of Baghdad that left 3 US soldiers dead and 7 wounded that was only repelled by the arrival of helicopters and a reaction force.

Although the deaths of so many US soldiers is very significant, I find myself far more worried by the apparent shift towards direct attacks on these outposts. Mortar fire, rockets, and random small arms fire have been put upon these small bases fairly constantly, but, in the last two weeks, it looks like the insurgents have shifted from watching and waiting to scouting and testing out tactics against these scattered bases.

They've tried both a direct assault and a carbombing, and, as they look at their tactics, I would certainly expect more.

This response was always coming, but I'm still not happy it's here.


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