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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Kolbe's twisting tale on Foley and pages (Foley catchall)

Let's start with the Monday story in the WaPo where it was reported that Rep. Kolbe (R-AZ) knew of Mark Foley's of elicit exchanges with a page, even seeing the text, and his spokesman said he "personally confronted Foley about his communications." (Would a spokesman just make that up?)

Then, we get the NYTimes on Tuesday where the same spokesman said "it was unclear if Mr. Kolbe had forwarded the complaint to House leaders."

Today, contradicting his spokesman, Kolbe said he never saw the messages. "I was not shown the content of the messages and was not told they were sexually explicit. It was my recommendation that this complaint be passed along to Rep. Foley's office and the clerk who supervised the Page program. This was done promptly."

He also outright denied ever having a conversation with Foley. (Again, why would his spokesman just make that up?)

And, just as an ugly complication, it now turns out that one of the four pages Kolbe offered the use of his Washington house, just happened to be one of the pages involved in the salacious IM's with Foley.

I don't really know what any of this means, but it seems apparent from the circumstances and his shifting story that Rep. Kolbe knows far more than he has admitted.

Also: Did you notice how Hastert is setting up a firewall, claiming the coverup was at the staff level below him? (In front of a graveyard?)

(CNN) Rep Reynolds has gone into hiding.

(And what's going on with ABC's Brian Ross? They were posting 3+ items a day for the last month, now only 1 this week? Something big coming?)


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