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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Monday, April 03, 2006

India Nuclear Deal Was Rice's Idea.

This explains alot. The recently struck Nuclear Deal with India which looks to be a longterm disaster in nonproliferation efforts around the world was Condi Rice's idea.

Apparently, the US decision to unfreeze the F-16 sale to Pakistan as reward for their cooperation(?) hunting Bin Laden angered the Indians, and as Rice went to smooth things over, she gave them practically everything. Now, Pakistan and China are obliged to increase their nuclear and other defense programs to match.

Perhaps it's a rephrase of the popular belief that the US nuclear buildup of the eighties is what destroyed the Russian economy, but this to me seems a significantly dangerous gamble, encouraging a nuclear buildup between India/Pakistan and India/China relationships that have spawned several recent wars.

I'm not arguing with the general conception of stronger ties with India, it does make some geopolitical sense, but, because of the significant regional risks, this is a very risky way to go.


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