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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Friday, December 16, 2005


This blog entry is temporarily missing or unavailable as the host of this site has been completely overwhelmed by the amount of news today. So, just summaries right now.

The NYTimes story on the NSA spying on American's without warrants, solely on presidential directive is taking off. In the WaPo piece on the topic today, they suggest in several places that this is very probably illegal. The WaPo piece also mentions that the legal justification for this was crafted by current AEI employee John Yoo, the man who defined torture as "organ failure or death," argued the Geneva Conventions didn't apply in Iraq, and claimed that Bush didn't need congressional authorization to go to war.

And here's Rice's defense of the policy. Short version, it wasn't illegal because he signed an executive order saying it wasn't illegal.

The WaPo makes it official, Bush was dead wrong to claim that everybody had the same intel as he did. We all knew that, but now it's official.

On the last day before the holiday break, the Senate, in effect, refused to authorize the extension of some of the controversial elements of the Patriot Act.

E&P has a great press briefing exchange where McClellan tries to defend the fact that "we will not comment on an ongoing investigation" regarding Plame, but the president is more than happy to declare Tom Delay innocent without looking at the evidence.

Adding to the list, the Bulgarians are pulling out of Iraq, starting today.

Adam Kidan plead guilty over the Sun Cruz thing and agreed to help prosecutors with evidence against Abramoff. This article also mentions Kidan's possible role in the "mob-style" murder of Sun Cruz's previous owner.

Josh Marshall has a report of oped columnists taking payola from Abramoff to print his opinions in their names. Sorce for this case: Businessweek.

James Tobin was found guilty in the N.H. phone jamming scam.

Yesterday, Bush asked for an additional 1.5 billion to strengthen the New Orleans levees. It would've been so much easier if he had appropriated that money before the hurricane.

And by the way, has anyone else noticed that we're losing South America?

Sorry, to do it like this, I generally hate the catchall, but there is just too musch going on today.


  • What a list. Incompetence, criminality, stupidity. And all out of the Bush administration in just one day of news.

    BTW, interesting that you picked up on all this on "News Dump" Friday:

    spying on Americans, Rice's defense of spying on americans, Bush lying about the Congress having the same intel, the Senate rebuffing the administration's continued assault on civil liberties via the so-called "Patriot Act," Bush defending DeLAy before trial, but hiding behind the "continuing investigation" on Plamegate, the Bulgarians leaving the so-called "Coalition of the Willing," in Iraq to do the sensible thing and leave, James Tobin in yet another Republican election fraud case, mention of the Abramoff embarrassment, a reminder of Bush's incompetence in allowing the wholesale destruction of a major American city. The list is endless.

    How long before more than 60 percent of Americans realize we have a criminal sociopathic Fascist dunce in the White House?

    By Blogger Newsguy, at 9:11 PM  

  • I think there's a certain percentage that will almost nevere abandon Bush.

    We'll call it the hard support line. I don't think we've hit it yet, but I would say that 28-30% is the approval floor.

    And a friend was making just your point that if we release it all at once, the public's not going to get all that much madder. Plus, nobody will be able to look into everything, especially with Christmas next week.


    By Blogger mikevotes, at 9:48 PM  

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