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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Worst President ever (and don't candy coat that)

As I lay awake this morning, way too early, worried about my investments and future, I really got to thinking how George Bush has really screwed us all, how many lives this presidency has touched in such a bad way.

As I think about George Bush leaving office, I keep wondering to what degree the media coverage of him will soften, trying to find something good to say about Bush as he leaves. They shouldn't.

George Bush really has been the worst President ever, not in hyperbole, but in the actual facts and breadth of his administration's failure. He will leave this nation, poorer, weaker, and less safe on virtually every front.

So, please, Mr. Media man, don't start telling me how personable George Bush is. Don't give me anecdotes or shoot the gauzy lens retrospectives like you're so prone to do. Shoot the end of this presidency in video. Just show us what's really there.

After all of this, you owe us that much.


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