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Born at the Crest of the Empire

Friday, October 24, 2008

CBS/NYTimes internals

Even if you accept that the CBS/NYTimes poll tips a few points blue (Obama +13,) these personals findings are more than that little lean.
Obama has been more successful in evoking a positive response from voters: Sixty-two percent say they feel personally comfortable with the Illinois senator. Far fewer - 47 percent - feel comfortable with McCain. In fact, a slightly higher percentage - 49 percent - report feeling "uneasy" about the Republican nominee. Thirty-four percent feel uneasy about Obama....

Seventy-five percent of registered voters say Obama has the temperament and personality to be president, up 6 points from last week. Nineteen percent say he does not. Only 50 percent say McCain has the proper temperament and personality, while nearly as many - 45 percent - say that he does not.

So, to recap. 49% of the American electorate feels "uneasy" about McCain, and 45% say he does not have the proper temperament to be president. Those are some big numbers.


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